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STONE OF THE WEEK: Cinnabar 10//7/12

The stone that represents the energies for the week beginning October 7, 2012 is Cinnabar, an Ore of Mercury. In ancient China, Cinnabar was taken from the veins of volcanoes and carved into beautiful s

tatues, jewelry, and works of art. Artists spent decades perfecting their craft. With each completed work of art the artists realized that they had released something beautiful for the world to enjoy. Cinnabar is an ore of Mercury, and highly toxic; despite several layers of lacquer being applied to the Cinnabar, the continuous exposure to the fumes led to the artist being poisoned by Mercury.

The stone pictured in the middle of this photo is the actual Cinnabar in its natural form, while the Cinnabar on either side is a man-made representation.

Cinnabar represents a “labor of love.” The “Cinnabar Person” is highly artistic and eagerly puts his heart into his work. He is “carving a niche for oneself,” doing what he loves in a deeply meaningful, unique and difficult to duplicate manner.

Cinnabar, being Mercury, also represents the planet closest to the Sun, suggesting the need for balancing work and play. Mercury also speaks of a fast pace and the need for clear communications.

During the week ahead, determine if it is important to you that your work be a “labor or love.” Must it allow you an opportunity to “carve a niche for yourself” or are you happy just getting by? Consider any necessary sacrifices and any price you may be unknowingly paying!

An underlying message for the week ahead is to explore and/or expand on your unique gifts and talents, while maintaining a healthy balance. Begin to carve that special niche that only you can create or fill! Take the steps that will release great beauty for the world to enjoy, while avoiding exposure to potentially toxic situations and people!

I hope you have enjoyed this “stone of the week” and that it has served as a little reminder that you, too, are a gem!
During the month of October, I will be available for “Stone Readings” at Tiffenwicket of Salem!