Black Moonstone

black moonstone 2

Although round, orb or sphere-shaped stones indicate moving forward, and Moonstones traditionally represent feminine power and major transitions, some of the markings on this stone indicate there may be undercurrents of confusion and a need for us to be as clear as possible.

The many rings and circles on this particular Black Moonstone Sphere suggest the strategy of staying focused and attempting to deal with one issue, problem, or task at a time will be helpful in dealing with the uncertainty that lies ahead. The lore and legend of stones attributes the rings and circles that are often visible in stones as being gifts carved by the mermaids. Each ring, according to legend, is redeemable by a mortal for one wish. Ideally, we look for one solid ring on a stone, as multiple rings can indicate a weakness of being too scattered, thus lessening the power of the wish and the likelihood of the wish manifesting. Mermaids are said to have a touch of wander-lust. When they are on land, they long to be in the ocean, and while in the ocean, they long to be on the land. It may be important this week to appreciate where we ARE, rather than longing to be elsewhere! This Black Moonstone hints that an underlying challenge will be to remain focused. It further suggests that we determine the ONE most important wish we would like to have granted.

All Moonstones are associated with balance, reflection, psychic, cycles, receptivity, feminine power, and transitions. However, the Black Moonstone Sphere seems to speak of the importance of moving forward while still doing everything possible to avoid becoming over-whelmed.

Black Moonstones are connected with cycles and “the dark of the moon,” which is traditionally seen as the night before the new moon. At this time, we may find that some of our deepest and most hidden things can emerge from our psyches.

When this appears during a Stone Reading, it suggests that there will likely be opportunities presented for emotional healing. It may be useful to pay attention to what we feel as well as what we think. Of course, this is just a sample or tidbit of some of the information that may be shared during your personal Stone Reading.

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