Psychic Fair & Crystal Sale 6/12/16

Psychic Fair & Crystal Sale

Psychic Fair & Crystal Sale
a VAST selection of super HIGH QUALITY Crystals of EVERY VARIETY (9am till 4pm)


a PSYCHIC mini-Fair (two star readers, shared room, referencing Crystals in their readings)…they’re taking sessions 11am till 3pm


WHERE: see location / address below (Arlington Center).

PARKING: ample & free (big municipal lot), it’s a Sunday!

Yes, just click through to this link:  (CLICK ME) 
…choose whether you want one 15 minute block or two (remember, we’re booking 11am till 3pm), pay for a friend, email us your preferred choice of time (to

HOW TO FIND US: come through the large, glass, door with a golden “7 Mystic” embossed over it; faces the little park (housing the Cyrus Dallin museum)…we’re down stairs, Lower Level.

CALL: or Text 617-771-5119 if lost…

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PRE-BOOK YOUR SESSION with either or both readers, who are charging $35 per 15-minute reading, PayPal links soon to appear hear.


“The Stone Lady,” also known as Terry Milton, has been active in the Psychic and Metaphysical Fields for over forty years. Terry has studied many conventional psychic tools, including Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology, as well as various unconventional psychic tools of the trade. “The Stone Lady” is the creator of “Stone Readings,” which have become her primary psychic tool.

A “Stone Reading” is an unusual, grounded psychic reading that incorporates the use of stones, crystals, and artifacts of nature. “Stone Readings” are designed to help you to see some of the extraordinary ways in which YOU ROCK!

There are uncanny similarities between ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Human Nature.’ People are drawn to stones that have energies, personalities, strengths, histories, and characteristics that are similar to their own energy, personality, history, strengths, and characteristics. Because “The Stone Lady” has spent many years working closely with the stones, she is able to attune to you with authentic clarity through the stones and crystals that are closely aligned with you!

During your reading you will make selections from a large Lazy Susan filled with a vast assortment of stones and crystals. Some choices will be made with your eyes opened, and other selections will be made with your eyes closed.

A “Stone Reading” is an empowering psychic reading that is suitable for all ages. Let a “Stone Reading” help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!”


Delia Bugley is an Empath, Psychic, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Worker, and a natural born Medium who has seen and communicated with the spirit realms since early childhood. Her gifts are widely sought after, and she has a solid reputation of assisting people who are grieving to find healing and closure. Delia is the owner of “The Mother’s Healing Touch, LLC”, where in addition to her work as a Psychic and Evidential Medium, she creates empowering spiritual healing-infused dream pillows and healing sachets.

Delia has the gift of being able to relay messages from our loved ones who are no longer in the physical body. With great sensitivity and kindness, Delia provides her clients with a unique experience and detailed, convincing evidence that will illustrate the continuity of life after the physical death.

Subscribing to a belief that one does not “command or demand” of Spirit, Delia uses her gifts to encourage communication from the other side, while acknowledging that a specific spirit may not wish to come through during your session. Delia is able to lovingly and sensitively relay answers, messages, and heartfelt love from the spirit realms to those of us her on earth. Through her gifts, the client is able to once again feel embraced by their loved one’s individual quirks, endearing personality traits, and unending love.


GENERAL ADVICE: you may want to make this the first stop of your day, scheduling in advance is recommended.

CALL: or Text 617-771-5119 if lost…

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Stones, Pendulums and Spiritual Dowsing

Spiritual Dowsing with Stones, Crystals, and Pendulums 

I am pleased to announce an exciting new project in collaboration with Dr. Miriam Divinsky, a Nationally and Internationally licensed Spiritual Coach! Dr. Divinsky and I are pleased to offer classes, lectures, and workshops utilizing very specific stones and crystals for Spiritual Dowsing and Pendulums.

Stones and crystals have been a major part of my life for decades. They have been invaluable to me as a psychic tool for working in the metaphysical field, and for dong Psychic Stone Readings.

I have noticed great similarities and parallels between “Human Nature” and “Mother Nature.” In my work with stones and crystals, I have found many correlations between “people energy” and “stone energy,” and uncanny similarities that exist between the life or lifeforce of the stones, and the life or lifeforce of the person drawn to that particular stone.

Stones are dense, and their energy or metabolism is slow compared to the energy or metabolism of humans, We might consider the average physical lifespan of a stone or a crystal to be several thousands of years, compared to a average physical lifespan of decades for the human body that houses a human spirit.

Stones and crystals provide me with great clues and insights into an individual’s past, present, and future situation. I view stones and crystals in much the same way that I see people, and often point out that we are made of the same minerals.

In my work in the Psychic field I became familiar with the energy, history, personality, and characteristics of stones and crystals, and through my deeper understanding of stones and crystals, I developed a greater appreciation for humans.

I have observed that people are drawn to stones that have a vibration or energy closely aligned with their own personal vibration or energy. On closer examination, the vibration of any given stone or crystal appears to have incredible similarities to the vibration of the person or persons who are drawn to the particular stone.

It has been my experience that people who are going through similar and specific processes will be drawn to a certain type of stone. For example, people who are drawn to a stone known as Blue Lace Agate tend to be healing from a recent loss, often the death of someone who was once dear to them. Other people, perhaps drawn to the Red Garnet, often have in common a background of having weathered their share of emotional, love-related storms, are learning to be alone and not be lonely, are considering once again allowing love into their lives. Those who are immediately drawn to a pink Rhodochrosite are ‘survivors,’ perhaps victimized by unfair and often abusive treatment, yet have successfully picked up the pieces, regrouped, reinvented themselves, and have come back with greater strength and determination than before.

Dr. Miriam Divinsky, the founder of Authentic Life Center, is a  Certified Spiritual Dowser, and a Nationally and Internationally Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. She has been called, “the lady with transformative dowsing skills,” and through Spiritual Response Therapy, uses her powers of intuition and spiritual connectedness to shift your reality!

Beginning with the premise that New Age tools, including stones, pendulums, and dowsing, could be invaluable in unlocking age-old blockages, our work has expanded to combine my knowledge of “Mother Nature” with her knowledge of “Human Nature.” We have merged our work with stones with her experiencial knowledge of Pendulums and Spiritual Dowsing. Through a lesser known tool of vibrational coding, we have begun to see quick results as one’s potential on physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, unconscious, and universal planes is unlocked and unleashed!

We are confident that members of the dowsing community will be inspired with our research, discoveries, and new information! We are available for classes and workshops utilizing this exciting technology! I invite you to visit her website at for more information.