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Gently Harested Crystals

mountain of fine gold
Gently Harvested Crystals

These two stones are from my personal collection, and represent crystals and stones from Serra Ouro Fina, the Mountain of Fine Gold, in Brazil. These stones were gently harvested by my friend, “The Gentle Miner.”

Several years ago I met a man whose reverence and respect for the earth extended to his mining method. “The Gentle Miner” dividee his time between New Hampshire and the mountains of Brazil. When mining in Brazil, he used a wooden stick to locate stones and crystals that resided in shallow soil. He usually dug no deeper than two feet to unearth incredible treasures which had been preserved in sand for thousands of years. Hand-dug crystals such as the two pictured originated in an area where the earth has never been bulldozed, blasted, or dynamited. No acid baths were used to bring out the beauty of these crystals. Their energy is remarkable, and people often comment that they feel as if they are holding a treasure or gift coming directly from the heart of Mother Earth.

The following information was written by Bill Adams, aka “The Gentle Miner,” concerning some of the wonderful stones he has found on his walks in Serra Ouro Fino:

“Several hundred million years ago a flat plain of rocks over three miles thick in what was to become Brasil was slowly squeezed and folded by the movement of the floating crustal plates of the earth. This tectonic activity eventually created an enormous range of mountains several miles high and over 1,000 miles long. Yet even before it reached its full height, falling rain and sleet and snow began eroding it down. The melting snow and rain found cracks and fissures, faults and voids in this mass of metamorphosed sand and clay and flowed deep into it, becoming hot and leaching minerals as it flowed. Near what is now the village of Casa Branca in the central state of Minas Gerais this water encountered a cavern, a void in the rocks that quickly filled with the hot solution, rich in silicon dioxide, the mineral that forms quartz crystals. We can not say how big this opening was, nor can we know how long it took, but over time as the solution cooled and the dissolved silicon dioxide became crystallized, the fault became filled with beautiful, clear, six-sided quartz crystals, some a big as a foot long. Eventually the mountains above no longer sent hot solution to the cavern or conditions changed so that crystals no longer formed, and for eons this beautiful “confusion” of perfect forms remained locked and immutable deep inside the earth … until one day, or even over several days or weeks or even years, terrible earthquakes shook the region and collapsed part of the void and sent many of the crystals smashing to the bottom of the cavern. Stones started falling from the jutting out from the “walls”, and finally destroyed their own symmetry as they crashed to the bottom.”

“Again, we cannot say how long this jumble lay undisturbed, but probably millions and millions of years later conditions above changed again and now hot water with dissolved iron began to percolate into the cavity, covering crystals with a coating of iron, forming rounded masses of iron, “gluing” the crystals together in clumps and clusters, and entering tiny cracks formed when the earthquakes smashed them, leaving orange and red stains behind. Then, probably hundreds of millions of years later and after millions and millions of tons of water had worn away all of the layers of rock on top of this mass of crystal, some of these crystals were now exposed to the sun. Indeed, they were lying on top of the earth, on a very steep hillside several hundred feet above a brook. What human eyes first saw them is shrouded in mystery. We do not know whether or not anyone ever picked up some of the stones, for magic or for work. Ancient paintings on cliffs nearby reveal that humans have been here for a long time. We do know that people from Europe, or people descended from people from Europe have been living in these mountains for hundreds of years. Hunting, farming, looking for treasure, and indeed finding some gold, as in fact, this mountain is still called “Mountain of Fine Gold”. So while someone may have picked up some quartz crystals from this hillside, until 2001 no one had dug a hole in the ground and found the remains of this crushed cavern of crystal. Now, guided by some unknown force and by luck, these “Historic” stones are being brought into the United States and are available here!”

Collectors and retail stores who may wish more information on obtaining some of the special stones and crystals from “The Mountain of Fine Gold,” are asked to contact The Stone Lady, who will put you in touch with Bill Adams, “The Gentle Miner.” Bill associates with a number of conscientious mining friends and associates, and may be able to help you with special requests.

These gently harvested stones speak of survival, brilliance, and new perspectives on age-old ideas. Because of the many powerful earthquakes in the area where these were mined, the stones can often suggest that we remember some life experiences are beyond our control. A stone cannot be blamed for being where it was at the time of an earthquake (a ‘fault’ in the earth), any more than people associated with this stone can be blamed or ‘faulted’ for something that may ultimately have had to happen.

In a Stone Reading, a gently harvested crystal can represent opportunities for forgiveness as well as chances to work through trauma. It can suggest that it is an appropriate time to consider releasing guilt, pain, shame, or emotions that may linger, through no “fault” of our own!

Because each person is different, additional messages often come through when this stone is selected during a Stone Reading. Please contact The Stone Lady for information about a Stone Reading prepared especially for you, and celebrating your strengths, potentials, and uniqueness! The Stone Lady is also available for private parties, events, classes, workshops, and lectures!

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Amethyst, long associated with peace, serenity, and harmony, is said to have been carried by soldiers for good luck, protection and victory in battles. It was once considered to be a good antidote against drunkenness, in part because drinking goblets used at celebrations were usually carved out of Amethyst which allowed the wine to be diluted and watered down considerably, yet still keep its rich color. Guests awoke the next morning without a hangover, and began to praise Amethyst as a stone of sobriety!

There is a uniqueness about the “Amethyst Person,” yet it is something which one cannot readily define or put one’s finger on. Their attitude tends to be, “This is who I am. If you cannot accept that or deal with it, then it is your problem, not mine.”

An “Amethyst Person” is usually one who has been on a spiritual journey. They are seekers who are learning to deal on the physical plane with the mundane realities of the 21st century, while possessing an unwavering faith that has never let them down.

A large percentage of children are instinctively drawn to Amethyst, as well as a large number of people who have had to push through major issues concerning shyness. Amethyst is soothing, and a natural for those who wish to become less introverted! It is as if the stone were silently communicating a message to “hang in there” or “have faith,” and everything will work out. An ideal crystal for children and the “young at heart,” Amethyst is a wonderful stone for people who are seeking inner peace.  Many “Amethyst People” are learning to understand the difference between ‘quality’ and ‘quantity.’ They struggle to find ways to save time and cut corners but not sacrifice quality.

In a Stone Reading, Amethyst can be a sign that the person is attempting to do too much!  One of their lessons involves figuring out how to cut corners without sacrificing quality.

Many people who are drawn to Amethyst seek serenity and inner peace. Others need to reexamine or reflect on the role that stress plays in their daily lives, and perhaps consciously work to cultivate a more optimistic frame of mind.

Of course, this is just a sample of some of the messages that might be conveyed in a Stone Reading when Amethyst is selected. Each reading is different, and specially tailored to the needs of the individual. Please contact The Stone Lady to make arrangements for your in-person, telephone, email, or skype Stone Reading.