Below are excerpts from emails and comments submitted to The Stone Lady via email and Facebook.

Angel Raven Tevan:   “I have been seeing Terry ‘The Stone Lady’ since my coming of age years, Her psychic abilities are always spot on with guidance and intuition through the stones. She is gifted, and uses her natural abilities to help others feel a sense of protection, clarity and self-awareness. She is helpful and positive no matter the mountain or molehill I am journeying through, she gets to the source and works from there. She is able to translate the stones’ communicative answers. This holistic and thoughtful process has helped my focus and helped to transform me whole, as an empowered woman and I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life. I always recommend her to my closest friends and family.”

Tami Stevens:   ” Hi Terry!!! Just wanted to tell you that the job you told me I would get showed up this month. It’s a wonderful job! Thank you so much for your insight!! I will be seeing you again in October if not soon!!! Hugs!”

Candace Sinagra“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your gift! xo”

Katrina Fimmel:   “I had a reading over the phone with Terry and found her to be incredibly insightful. The way she explained the nuances of each stone really articulated some issues in my life which I had been overlooking.  The stones became very interesting and poignant metaphors which resonated with me for days after the reading.    I would absolutely like to consult with her again because I feel she is a true and practiced conduit of precious information from the stones and crystals.”

LuAnn LeFever: “Thanks again your readings are so helpful. Like always you Rock!!”

Lavender Tevan: “The gifts you give to others Terry, are endles”

Rick Watson: “Terry you are an amazing psychic and I’m happy to call you a friend”

Jill Marie Pierce “You are an AMAZING reader of those stones Terry thank you so much”