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cave stones 2


This photo shows some of my “cave stones” from my collection. Stalactites hung suspended for hundreds of years from the ceiling of a cave, growing slowly at a rate of less than ¼ inch every 100 years. Most stalactites and stalagmites found in limestone caves formed when rainwater trickled over and through the rocks, and picked up carbon dioxide and minerals from limestone. A human visitor to the cave probably grabbed onto the stalactite, breaking it off from the cave ceiling, and carried the stone out of the cave as a souvenir or memento. Taking less than two minutes, this action abruptly ended hundreds of years of growth or progress, reminding us of how fragile life is!

Cave stones would have been brought out into the warmth and light of the sun, suggesting that in a Stone Reading, a stalactite would represent opportunities to look at life in a different light.

Today, there are laws which protect caves and their fragile environment. In most states it is illegal to buy or sell stalactites, stalagmites, or other cave formations. Spelunkers and other visitors to caves respect and obey an unwritten law which says: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.

Many stalactites resemble icicles, and represent passion as well as a commitment to slow, steady growth over the long-term. In a Stone Reading, a cave stone can hint of inevitable, eminent changes, suggesting that ready or not we may soon be forced to adapt.

Stone Readings can provide clarity and insights into your past, present, and future situation. “The Stone Lady” would be honored to read the stones that resonate strongly with you. Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!