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This beautiful, rough, deep blue piece of Azurite from the southwest  indicates a grounded, earth-centered spirituality. When selected during a Stone Reading, Azurite can indicate that one is ready to take that all important first step, while remembering that the journey is usually more important than the destination! Azurite indicates new possibilities!

Because of the weathering process, Azurite eventually becomes the beautiful green Malachite. We, too, “weather“ our share of storms,  as we grow, adapt, and transform into who we are meant to be. When Azurite appears during a Stone Reading, it suggests the potential for humor, creativity, new beginnings, and a hint of mischief, most likely in the form of surprising someone. Those who are drawn to Azurite have learned to take a moment to appreciate our humanness, and try to not take themselves too seriously.

The stone suggests that we appreciate some of the endearing, perhaps even irritating quirks and idiosyncrasies of friends, loved ones, and even ourselves, for they are a part of our history and uniqueness.

Stone Readings are available with The Stone Lady, and can be done in person, by telephone, by email, and by skype. Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!