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This Golden Brown Citrine Crystal is approximately two inches high, and has a beautiful brown sparkle on the top, with clear quartz coloring in the middle, and orange colorations near the base of the stone. Some have commented that this piece looks very much like a honey-coated confection, leading me to suspect that there is something very sweet in store for those who might select this stone during a Stone Reading.

Citrine is a variety of yellow quartz that is rarely found in nature. The name comes from a word meaning lemon yellow. Citrine can be found in shades of yellow, orange, and reddish browns. For the past 200 years most of the Citrine on the market has been created by a process called “burning” or heat-treating lower grades of Amethyst to temperatures between 470 and 560 degrees. Because of the process of heating Amethyst, one association I make with the “Citrine Person” is that they are able to “take the heat.” A “Citrine Person” will invariably rise to the occasion when “the heat is on.” Sometimes, however, when this stone appears during a Stone Reading, there is a little caution the wisdom of not burning bridges too soon!
In lore and legend, Citrine is associated with success, money, prosperity, and abundance. It is sometimes called a “Merchant’s Stone,” and many business owners place Citrine in their cash registers. Because of its early beginnings as Amethyst, I often see similar qualities in “Citrine People” and the “Amethyst Person.” Both have a strong belief system, a tendency to search for quality rather than quantity, and a tendency to try and accomplish too much in too short a time!
Every stone and person is unique, and a different aspect of Citrine’s personality may be more evident in your personal Stone Reading than in this “tidbit” of information on Citrine. For example, this stone might suggest that something will turn out to be “a piece of cake” to one person, but to another person, the stone might be a message on the need to rise above the stress.

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