Terry Milton, best-known as “The Stone Lady” is a well-known psychic advisor from New England, basing her business out of the coastal city of Gloucester, Massachusetts. She has garnered a reputation among psychics as an accurate, sincere, authentic and intensely innovative reader.

Terry has been answering to the nickname “The Stone Lady” for over twenty-five years. She was given the name by various people who were involved with stones and crystals throughout her travels in the United States as well as in Great Britain.

A reading with The Stone Lady is unique! She has devised a reading method which is completely her own, and addresses her clients with a tenderness and sincerity. Her readings address matters and concerns of everyday, as well as more spiritual substance. She works directly with an enormous variety of stones and encourages the customer to handle and interact with many of the stones throughout the course of the reading. Deeply empathic and truly gifted with the ability to deliver sharp paranormal insight, The Stone Lady positively impacts the lives of her clients.

Terry works directly with an enormous variety of stones which the customer is encouraged to handle and interact with as part of the reading. Many psychics tout the power of crystals and gems, yet none has created a style of reading which incorporates the use of such stones in quite so intriguing a manner.