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Merry Meet

Merry Meet and Welcome!

I am Terry Milton, also known as “The Stone Lady.” I have been active in the psychic field since 1976, and I am the creator of ‘Stone Readings’ – grounded, empowering psychic readings that provide guidance through stones and crystals, while emphasizing similarities between Mother Nature and Human Nature and subtly reminding you that you, too, are a gem!

To select the stones that I write about for my ‘Messages from the Stones,’ I focus on the question, “What do the stones want us to know at this time?” Using the palm of my hand as if it were a dowsing rod, I feel pulled to a stone, and attempt to interpret the underlying messages coming from the stones and Mother Earth.

Messages from the Stones: Black Moonstone
For this week’s “Messages from the Stones,” I was drawn to a black moonstone sphere, a fairly recent discovery from Madagascar. The round shape of the black moonstone suggests we be prepared to “roll with the punches,” and hints at upcoming major transitions.

I usually associate black moonstones with the new moon, receptivity, balance, awareness of our cycles, heightened psychic abilities, the goddess, and our emotional selves. Black moonstones will often remind us that it is time to prepare for fresh starts and new beginnings, and to cultivate a mindset geared towards moving forward. In addition, black moonstones can warn us of the likelihood that some of our deepest and most hidden things will start to emerge from our psyches in the coming days and weeks.

Black Moonstone often speaks of our willingness to do some intense work on ourselves, using compassion and understanding to create necessary changes. It is a week to trust our first impressions and our instincts. We may begin to notice subtle forms of healing this week, especially in areas that we associate with restoring balance, easing depression, and releasing stress.

Some of the markings on this particular black moonstone hint of undercurrents of confusion, while other markings suggest we have come full circle and are ready to move forward. If possible, stay focused, have clear boundaries, and attempt to deal with one challenge at a time. Watch for opportunities to examine, question, and let go of that which no longer serves our highest good.

There could be opportunities with the potential for an accelerated form of emotional healing this week, along with a touch of wanderlust or wishing it were possible to be in two places at the same time. In the lore and legend of stones, any stones with complete rings or circles are said to be “wish stones.” These special stones were said to have been created by the mermaids, as gifts for mortals. Each ring is redeemable for one wish. The thicker the ring or the fewer number of rings, the greater likelihood of having your wishes granted! There is potential for manifesting at this time, but we are advised to pay attention to the old adage, “Be careful what you wish!”

Please continue to support your favorite magical, mineral, and metaphysical shop, along with artists, crafters, and small businesses! They will appreciate your ongoing patronage during these challenging times! Several have revamped their online presence, and offer a fun, safe, and uplifting shopping experience!

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Thanks for reading! Much love to all!