Stones, ancient and grounded, are the spirits, the original dwellers on this earth. There are uncanny similarities between ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Human Nature,’ and between ‘people energy’ and ‘stone energy.’ The stones and crystals “talk” to “The Stone Lady,” who is able to attune to you through the specific stones and crystals you select and which are aligned with you. A “Stone Reading” is a comfortable, upbeat, down-to-earth, interactive psychic reading that will help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!
During your Stone Reading, you will select stones both with your eyes open and with your eyes closed. “The Stone Lady” understands and interprets the messages the stones have for you.
If the reading is not an “in person” reading, Terry will close her eyes, tune into you, and allow her higher self to be guided to select the stones or crystals aligned with you for your reading by proxy. A “Stone Reading” with “The Stone Lady” is suitable for children as well as adults.

15 minute phone reading $35.00
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60 minute phone reading $100.00
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Both Phone and Email readings are available for your convenience

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