Stone Information

Lodestone / Magnetite

Lodestone is the original “don’t judge a book by its cover” stone! It is not likely to be described by anyone as pretty, beautiful, sparkly, collectible, or enticing. In fact, it is far more often that Lodestone would be dismissed as uninteresting, perhaps even boring or ugly. But, as many of us are learning, outward appearances are not the best indicator of inner strength, beauty, power, or potential, whether you are referring to people or to stones.

The Lodestone is highly magnetic, and those drawn to Lodestone often feel that they are being pulled in different directions and are burdened with decisions to be made.

Lodestone was one of the first compasses. Just as the Lodestone helped sailors who navigated the seas to stay on course, those drawn to Lodestone have navigated and survived some rough waters. They may find themselves examining their inner moral compasses or searching for the correct path.

Many years ago, the phrase “lifting of an ancient curse” came to me repeatedly during my work with the Lodestone. I later learned that some cultures attributed the Lodestone’s magnetism to a resident demon or evil spirit! I prefer to think that being drawn to a Lodestone is an indication that Destiny has stepped in to help, and a “burden“ that once felt like ’an ancient curse’ is being lifted from one‘s shoulders.

The lodestone reminds us tht we gave the ability to attract what we need, and to send away that which no longer serves a useful purpose in our lives. It helps us as we acknowledge and recognize the inner, altruistic and intrinsic beauty, rather than the surface, superficial, or predictable outer beauty.