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Zebra Jasper

zebra 2 jasper
Zebra Jasper
Zebra Jasper, usually found as a black and white striped tumbled stone, can also be found in gren and white, as well as brown and white stripes.
Jaspers are found worldwide, in almost every color. Some cultures considered Jaspers to be a direct gift from God, crediting Jaspers with bringing joy into life and helping to balance one’s energies.
Zebra Jasper reminds us of the opposites and dualities that exist in our lives, and the need for balance. The stripes on Zebra Jasper suggest the importance of celebrating one’s uniqueness and individuality. The stripes resemble the stripes on zebras, animals known to blend in with the herd to confuse their predators. This stone is helpful to those who wish to understand and work through challenges, contradictions, and mixed messages.
When selected during a Stone Reading, Zebra Jasper usually indicates someone who is open-minded, nonjudgmental, and capable of listening to all sides, yet remains true to their own conscious. “Zebra Jasper People” have learned the secrets to blending in when necessary.
During a Stone Reading, Zebra Jasper is frequently selected by lawyers, police, and those who have a strong interest in law, fairness, and justice. Another trait common among “Zebra Jasper People” is a strong, empathetic connection with the animal realms.
This write-up is just a small sampling of information that might be shared when Zebra Jasper appears during a Stone Reading. Each person is unique, and each Stone Reading is specifically tailored to the individual. A Stone Reading with “The Stone Lady” may shed some clarity on your present situation, while helping you to remember that you, too, are a gem!