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Upcoming Events 2017

These are the event’s I’ll be at for the next few months.

“Come visit me at The Magickal Marketplace, and be reminded of the many ways in which YOU ROCK!”

3/25 :
The Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire 2017
Saturday, March 25 at 12 PM – 7 PM
Event Center Nashua
2200 Southwood Drive, Nashua, New Hampshire 03063
(event link)

“Looking forward to “rocking” my Stone Readings in Danvers, Massachusetts on March 26th at Spirit Beacon Psychic Fair and Mystical Marketplace!
Spirit Beacon Psychic Fair
Sunday, March 26 at 10 AM – 5 PM
221 Newbury St, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
(event link) 

Healthy Living Magazine EXPO
Sunday, April 2 at 10 AM – 6 PM
Hotel 1620 Plymouth Harbor
180 Water St, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360
(event link)

The Stone Lady is honored to be participating in Herbstalk! Come and explore the many ways in which YOU ROCK!”
6/3 & 6/4:
Jun 3 at 9 AM to Jun 4 at 5 PM
Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
(event link)

Stone Information


cave stones 2


This photo shows some of my “cave stones” from my collection. Stalactites hung suspended for hundreds of years from the ceiling of a cave, growing slowly at a rate of less than ¼ inch every 100 years. Most stalactites and stalagmites found in limestone caves formed when rainwater trickled over and through the rocks, and picked up carbon dioxide and minerals from limestone. A human visitor to the cave probably grabbed onto the stalactite, breaking it off from the cave ceiling, and carried the stone out of the cave as a souvenir or memento. Taking less than two minutes, this action abruptly ended hundreds of years of growth or progress, reminding us of how fragile life is!

Cave stones would have been brought out into the warmth and light of the sun, suggesting that in a Stone Reading, a stalactite would represent opportunities to look at life in a different light.

Today, there are laws which protect caves and their fragile environment. In most states it is illegal to buy or sell stalactites, stalagmites, or other cave formations. Spelunkers and other visitors to caves respect and obey an unwritten law which says: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.

Many stalactites resemble icicles, and represent passion as well as a commitment to slow, steady growth over the long-term. In a Stone Reading, a cave stone can hint of inevitable, eminent changes, suggesting that ready or not we may soon be forced to adapt.

Stone Readings can provide clarity and insights into your past, present, and future situation. “The Stone Lady” would be honored to read the stones that resonate strongly with you. Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!


Stone Information

Fairy Stone, Clay Concretion

fairy stone red background
FAIRY STONES (Clay Concretions)
Gray glacial clay concretions are a sedimentary rock which formed when calcium carbonate settled into glacial clay at the bottom of large lakes of glacial origin. This stone has gone by many names including “mud babies” and “clay dogs,” but is perhaps best known as the “Fairy Stone,” the name given to them by the Algonquin Tribe of Northern Quebec.
The Fairy Stones pictured were found in Canada along the Harricana River. Fairy Stones were thought to offer protection from bad spirits and were said to have been used in rituals. Some of the lore associated with Fairy Stones credits them with bringing well being and prosperity, as well as being lucky charms and given to loved ones as gifts.
Many of the Fairy Stones appear to be smooth on one side, while having numerous bumps, lumps, and unusual markings on the other. It is a gentle reminder that things are not always as they may appear to be at first glance.
Fairy Stones seem to have a soothing, calming, and nurturing energy to them, and I have noticed that many people who are drawn to Fairy Stones are nurturers, or have lessons to learn where nurturing and being nurtured are concerned. Each Fairy Stones is unique, a one-of-a-kind original. “Fairy Stone People” are highly creative, truly unique, one-of-a-kind individuals, with good communication skills and an appreciation for the earth, the elements, and the elementals. With many “Fairy Stone People” (and with fairies as well!) it is wise to always expect the unexpected!
This post is a sample or representation of what might be said when this stone is selected during a Stone Reading. Each person is unique and all Stone Readings are individually tailored to the person being read, so one might usually expect a more personal synopsis or interpretation of this, and other stones that appear in your reading.
Stone Information




This Golden Brown Citrine Crystal is approximately two inches high, and has a beautiful brown sparkle on the top, with clear quartz coloring in the middle, and orange colorations near the base of the stone. Some have commented that this piece looks very much like a honey-coated confection, leading me to suspect that there is something very sweet in store for those who might select this stone during a Stone Reading.

Citrine is a variety of yellow quartz that is rarely found in nature. The name comes from a word meaning lemon yellow. Citrine can be found in shades of yellow, orange, and reddish browns. For the past 200 years most of the Citrine on the market has been created by a process called “burning” or heat-treating lower grades of Amethyst to temperatures between 470 and 560 degrees. Because of the process of heating Amethyst, one association I make with the “Citrine Person” is that they are able to “take the heat.” A “Citrine Person” will invariably rise to the occasion when “the heat is on.” Sometimes, however, when this stone appears during a Stone Reading, there is a little caution the wisdom of not burning bridges too soon!
In lore and legend, Citrine is associated with success, money, prosperity, and abundance. It is sometimes called a “Merchant’s Stone,” and many business owners place Citrine in their cash registers. Because of its early beginnings as Amethyst, I often see similar qualities in “Citrine People” and the “Amethyst Person.” Both have a strong belief system, a tendency to search for quality rather than quantity, and a tendency to try and accomplish too much in too short a time!
Every stone and person is unique, and a different aspect of Citrine’s personality may be more evident in your personal Stone Reading than in this “tidbit” of information on Citrine. For example, this stone might suggest that something will turn out to be “a piece of cake” to one person, but to another person, the stone might be a message on the need to rise above the stress.

For a personal Stone Reading, please contact “The Stone Lady” who will help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!
Rock On!
The Stone Lady is available for Stone Readings by appointment for in-person, email, private, or telephone readings, Sge us also available for parties, groups and classes. Please contact her for more information.