Stone Information

Green Obsidian

green obsidian 1

This highly polished striped freeform Green Obsidian is a volcanic glass, rather than a stone, and considered rare. It was formed when  lava cooled quickly, before a crystalline structure could form. This piece is from Mexico, and has a mirror-like smooth finish and numerous stripes and rings. In the lore and legend of stones, this stone would be considered a gfts from the Mermaids, redeemable for a wish!

Sometimes, when Green Obsidian is selected during a Stone Reading, it indicates a person who may feel pulled in two different directions, experiencing a sense of urgency and  pressure to make a decision. During a Stone Reading, Green Obsidian may suggest the need to be introspective and  reflective, and remind us that our answers are found when we ask the correct questions!
Those who are drawn to Green Obsidian are passionate and value friendship as though it is a sacred gift and spiritual responsibility. All too often, others don’t understand or appreciate the altruistic, unselfish, pure of heart and close to nature people who are drawn to Green Obsidian.
In a Stone Reading, Green Obsidian can be a message that a ‘cooling off period’ may be necessary! Of course, there are numerous interpretations possible when Green Obsidian is selected during a Stone Reading.
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