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carnelian stone of the week

Carnelian is found in shades of reds, oranges, and browns, and is traditionally associated with confidence, courage, emotional warmth, magic, and happiness.

When Carnelian is one of the stones chosen during a Stone Reading, it usually is an indication that the person has gone through tremendous inner growth, and has been coming into their own, slowly solidifying. Despite constant slow but steady inner growth, the “Carnelian Person” will often hear the phrase, “You look great! You haven’t changed a bit!”

Carnelian appeals to empathetic, sensitive people who have lived their lives by the Golden Rule. It is often a rude awakening when those drawn to Carnelian realize that the majority of people do not have the same high standards or the desire to “do the right thing.”

Because every person is unique, the stame stone can have many different interpretations when selected during a Stone Reading. For some, selecting one of the above stones may indicate long overdue moments of inner peace and satisfaction, while for others it may be indicative of one’s gifts of healing through empathy.

Stone Readings with The Stone Lady can provide clarity and confirmation, as well as ideas and inspirations. Stone Readings are available by appointment, and can be done in-person or by telephone, as well as via email and skype. Stone Reading parties, classes, workshops, and events are also available. Please contact The Stone Lady at 978-283-7532 for further information! Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!

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Cobalto Calcite

cobalto calcite

Cobalto Calcite is an extremely positive stone to appear in a Stone Reading, and can be symbolic of hope, and optimism. It is often an indication that something has “clicked into place,” allowing for hopes and dreams to become a reality! As with most forms of calcite, Cobalto Calcite usually suggests reasons to be optimisic and hopeful, the ability to communicate and ‘speak one’s truth’ and the determination to say what is necessary, even if unpleasant.
Those drawn to Cobalto Calcite may feel they lack a solid foundation, yet have gone to great lengths to ensure that those close to them are protected and on solid footing.
In a Stone Reading, Cobalto Calcite can suggest that a balance is taking place, struggles are becoming a little easier,  one’s hopes and dreams are about to become manifest, and there may be a need to affirm and believe that dreams CAN come true. In some people, the selection of this stone seems to convey a ‘hang in there just a little longer’ message.
To find out what the stones and crystals have to say about you and your current situation, schedule a Stone Reading with The Stone Lady, who will help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!
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Moqui Marble

moqui marbles

The smooth,, round or elliptical shaped brown iron oxide concretions known as Moqui Marbles are thought to be sandstone concretions cemented together by hematite. They are from the base of the Navajo Sandstone formations in Utah. Usually round and semi-smooth, they can resemble discs, buttons, and other odd shapes. Some seem to conjure up a 1950’s stereotypical image of a flying saucer, yet despite the odd shape, the stone’s energy seems to suggest a pure Earth Magic!

There are different theories as to this stone’s origins. Some geologists believe they were formed by rainwater, while others consider them to be fossilized bugbbles which filled with sand.  Moqui Marbles are not thought to be the result of meteorites, yet the stones  do resemble something we might encounter in outer space – interesting to note that the Moqui Marbles have also been found on Mars and are called “blueberries.”

One common legend about the Moqui Marbles claims the word Moqui meant ‘dearly departed one’ in the Hopi language. In the legend the departed ancestors of the Hopi Indians were allowed to visit the earth in the evening, provided they returned to the heavens before dawn. Moqui Marbles were left behind to let relatives know that the ancestors were happy and well.

Children who find the Moqui Marbles will play with them and often break them open, mixing the sandstone with berries to create body paint, and using the outer iron shells as cups and containers.

When this stone is selected during a Stone Reading, it often indicates that the person is well protected, as if the departed spirit of a loved one were looking out for the individual’s well being. It also can be an indication that the individual is too self-protective, and needs to break out of his shell a little more. In still other people, this stone speaks of the need to play. A “Moqui Marble Person” is deeply connected with the earth and her magic.  Many who are drawn to this stone are learning the wisdom in “being here now.”

Stones can have many different meanings. Just as each person is unique and individual, each stone or crystal has its own distinct personality and message.

A Stone Reading with The Stone Lady can provide clarity and options for you, while helping you to remember that you, too, are a gem! Please contact The Stone Lady to see what messages are in the stones for you!

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New Years Rockport Eve 2013


New Years Rockport Eve in Rockport, MA is a safe, alcohol free, family-friendly way to welcome the New Year. It is often referred to as “the best party in town!”

Throughout the town from 6:00 pm – Midnight, there will be opportunities to enjoy Puppetry, Doo Wop 50s and 60s Classic Hits, Folk, Rock, Country, and Bluegrass, a New Year’s Eve Peace Service, Medieval and Renaissance Story Tellers, concerts, clowns, magicians, ventriloquists, drama, dance, and much more! New Years Rockport Eve is a tradition that offers something wonderful for all ages! Look for “The Stone Lady” from 6:00 – 10:30 at Spiran Hall, on Broadway, Rockport, MA, rocking mini “Stone Readings,” which are suitable for children as well as adults! Have a safe and Happy New Year!

For more information on Rockport New Years Eve: