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Snowflake Obsidian

snowflake obsidian egg


Technically volchanic glass, Snowflake Obsidian is a black and white stone symbolic of individuals who have great passion. The white snowflake-like patterns are areas where the volcanic glass has turned to crystal. At times it is important to remember that, “the happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story,” in the words of Peter S. Beagle.

In a Stone Reading, the selection of Snowflake Obsidian can indicate that one will face choices concerning upcoming changes. We might decide to ‘go with the flow’, change, regroup  and move forward. or we might postpone inevitable changes until the decions are made for us. This stone is often an undercurrent suggesting that we allow room for misunderstandings, and take the necessary time to communicate as honestly and thoroughly as possible.

“Snowflake Obsidian People” are genuine, pure of heart, often misunderstood, and their motivations are often questions. People suspect hidden agendas and ulterior motives that seldom exist with those drawn to Snowflake Obsidian. Those who are drawn to Snowflake Obsidian frequently place a very high value on friends and friendship.

This interpretation of Snowflake Obsidian is meant as a tidbit, a suggestion of some of the similarities those drawn to this gem have in common. Every person, and every stone are unique. The Stone Lady is able to offer insights into you and your unique situation through the stones that you select during your personal Stone Reading.

Stone Readings with The Stone Lady are available by appointment, and can be done in-person, by email, phone, skype, and snail mail.

Stone Information

Selenite castle

selenite castle

This Selenite Castle is of the Gypsum variety of selenite, and commonly found in the United States in white, gray, or clear colors. When this stone is selected during a Stone Reading, it often indicates the need for a strong focus on the home, or a desire and motivation to update, personalize, rearrange, convert or reclaim one’s living space.

Selenite, found on all seven continents, is in my opinion, quite probably found throughout the galaxies. Those drawn to Selenite often “know” things, as if they are receiving or absorbing information from “elsewhere.”

Industry has found many uses for Selenite, including the construction of windows for spacecrafts. Selenite is also used to make the plasterboards that are used to build walls.

A “Selenite Person” is somewhat like a wall in that he or she listens and hears everything, yet can keep a secret and will never betray a confidence.

Selenite is a stone of wonder. Legend has it that the wizards of old could record their memories into blades of Selenite, to preserve their wisdom, insights, and experiences.  “Selenite People” are tied into the magic and enchantment of earth, and feel a particular closeness with the waters. They value the truth, and know from their own experience that they have the courage of their convictions.

Physically Selenite is soft and fragile, but metaphysically it is a stone of power and signifies major transitions. Often “Selenite People” feel that they have a mission or something important that they know they must accomplish. They are phenomenal teachers and know things that they have no logical means of knowing.

Of course, in an actual Stone Reading, you will have an opportunity to select from a large tray filled with several hundred stones. This write-up is meant as a little tid-bit of what might possibly be mentioned in your personal Stone Reading, should your selection include this Selenite Castle.

Please contact The Stone Lady to make arrangements for your personal Stone Reading, and “Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!”


Stone Information

Shaman Dream Stones

shamanic dream stones 2
Shamanic Dream Stones are one of the beautiful rarities that only seem to get noticed “once in a Blue Moon” yet have a clear, pure energy that will speak to the quiet part of our selves that still wants and needs to be noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated!

These stones were gently harvested, then cut and polished by local villagers. The tops of the Shamanic Dream Stones have been slightly rounded and given a dome shape, exposing a rich, complex, multi-dimensional fantasy land. Sometimes these stones are tumbled, but it is not uncommon for the bottom of the Shamanic Dream Stones to be left semi-exposed, a little rough and uneven, with a sand-like matrix or foundation.

Shamanic Dream Stones are often used for creative visualizations, journeying, and meditation. When selected during a Stone Reading, these stones encourage an examination of the beautiful and unusual core, just beneath the surface, both in the stone and in our selves.

These stones are frequently marketed under other names, including Landscape Quartz, Vision Stones, or Journey Stones. Many things that contribute to making this particular group of stones unique and exceptional. They have been gently mined, or consciously harvested, terms that refer to a gentle method of mining that is respectful and considerate of the earth. (It should be noted that not all Shamanic Dream Stones are harvested in this manner.) These gently harvested stones were obtained from areas in Brazil where the earth has never been bulldozed, dynamited, blasted, disturbed or disrupted – in this case, from Inimutaba town in the state of Minas Gerais. They are collected with the help of the bare hands and a wooden stick. In my opinion, stones and crystals collected in this manner have a purer, more aware or evolved energy that honors the earth. There is a sense of the earth having “donated” the crystals, rather than man having taken them without permission.

In addition to an interest and leaning towards Shamanism, those people who are drawn to the Shaman Dream stones have a gentle consciousness, and go to great lengths to make sure others are treated respectfully. They are open, trusting, honest, and aware, but may feel a bit exposed or vulnerable, as they begin the process of allowing others to see what lies beneath the surface. These individuals often have a deep appreciation of how fragile and precious life is. They make time to enjoy, appreciate, and explore nature – human nature, as well as Mother Nature!

Many “Shamanic Dream Stone People” have recently started on a journey of self-exploration, and dare to look deep within. They are eager to share their new found knowledge and discoveries with others.

A small number of these gently harvested Shamanic Dream Stones are available for purchase. Please contact The Stone Lady for further information.

When a Shamanic Dream Stone is selected during a Stone Reading, there is usually much that is going on just beneath the surface. Perhaps the individuals feel ‘exposed’ or vulnerable, as others have discovered something that they may have preferred be kept secret. A Stone Reading can be helpful to explore what can be done to tap into the “once in a blue moon” energy, how to make your dreams become a reality, or to make you feel more inspired!!

To find out what messages are written in stone for you, please contact The Stone Lady! Stone Readings are available in person, as well as by telephone, email, skype, and snail mail. Psychic parties and classes using the magic of stones are also available.

Stone Information


carnelian stone of the week

Carnelian is found in shades of reds, oranges, and browns, and is traditionally associated with confidence, courage, emotional warmth, magic, and happiness.

When Carnelian is one of the stones chosen during a Stone Reading, it usually is an indication that the person has gone through tremendous inner growth, and has been coming into their own, slowly solidifying. Despite constant slow but steady inner growth, the “Carnelian Person” will often hear the phrase, “You look great! You haven’t changed a bit!”

Carnelian appeals to empathetic, sensitive people who have lived their lives by the Golden Rule. It is often a rude awakening when those drawn to Carnelian realize that the majority of people do not have the same high standards or the desire to “do the right thing.”

Because every person is unique, the stame stone can have many different interpretations when selected during a Stone Reading. For some, selecting one of the above stones may indicate long overdue moments of inner peace and satisfaction, while for others it may be indicative of one’s gifts of healing through empathy.

Stone Readings with The Stone Lady can provide clarity and confirmation, as well as ideas and inspirations. Stone Readings are available by appointment, and can be done in-person or by telephone, as well as via email and skype. Stone Reading parties, classes, workshops, and events are also available. Please contact The Stone Lady at 978-283-7532 for further information! Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!