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This week I was drawn to a green emerald that has been cut into the shape of a human skull. In lore and legends, emeralds were believed to sharpen wits and strengthen the memory. As with most gemstones, emeralds have been highly prized in many cultures, credited with making the owner more intelligent, honest, and eloquent. Traditional meanings ascribed to emeralds include bringing joy, love, and luck, instilling sensitivity and loyalty, and strengthening the intuition.

In Hinduism, emeralds were the ‘gem of good luck’ – thought to have the ability to improve one’s wellbeing. In Ancient Greece, emeralds were strongly connected with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, while the Romans aligned emeralds with Venus.
Emeralds are in the beryl family of gem. While clarity is considered important in most gemstones, inclusions and imperfections are expected with emeralds. Rather than being hidden, an emerald’s flaws are often pointed out to show that the stone is natural rather than man-made.

Those who are drawn to emeralds are already well-aware of any of their shortcomings, failings, or weaknesses and really do not need them to be pointed out! Emeralds encourage us to accept and embrace our limitations, and remind us that our vulnerabilities can be used as catalysts for us to begin to make necessary changes

When worn as a talisman, emeralds were believed to grant riches, power, and eloquence. They were credited with giving one the ability to predict future events. It is likely that many may experience a heightened awareness in the days ahead, a possible increase in our psychic abilities, as well as an easier time with manifestation.

In our society skulls are often associated with death, yet many ancient cultures viewed a skull as a means of honoring life. The human skull was viewed as a symbol of great awareness, and often epitomized divinity. It was honored and revered as the place when the soul resided, and viewed as the essence of humanity.Tumbled, polished Emeralds


In the next few weeks, meditation may be helpful, presenting many timely opportunities to connect with our power, heart, divinity, and spirituality. Understand that it is possible, and helpful, to love ourselves, even if we are not perfect. Avoid the tendency this week to overthink, over-stress, and overanalyze. What we ‘feel’ will likely be more important than what we ‘think.’ Watch for opportunities centered around daring to love and accept ourselves, despite what we perceive to be our inexperience and shortcomings.

I am now offering virtual and telephone Stone Readings, and am beginning to schedule safe, socially distanced psychic Stone Readings parties and consultations for small groups. For further information, please text, message, or call me at 978-290-8822, or email me at

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