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This week I was drawn to a green emerald that has been cut into the shape of a human skull. In lore and legends, emeralds were believed to sharpen wits and strengthen the memory. As with most gemstones, emeralds have been highly prized in many cultures, credited with making the owner more intelligent, honest, and eloquent. Traditional meanings ascribed to emeralds include bringing joy, love, and luck, instilling sensitivity and loyalty, and strengthening the intuition.

In Hinduism, emeralds were the ‘gem of good luck’ – thought to have the ability to improve one’s wellbeing. In Ancient Greece, emeralds were strongly connected with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, while the Romans aligned emeralds with Venus.
Emeralds are in the beryl family of gem. While clarity is considered important in most gemstones, inclusions and imperfections are expected with emeralds. Rather than being hidden, an emerald’s flaws are often pointed out to show that the stone is natural rather than man-made.

Those who are drawn to emeralds are already well-aware of any of their shortcomings, failings, or weaknesses and really do not need them to be pointed out! Emeralds encourage us to accept and embrace our limitations, and remind us that our vulnerabilities can be used as catalysts for us to begin to make necessary changes

When worn as a talisman, emeralds were believed to grant riches, power, and eloquence. They were credited with giving one the ability to predict future events. It is likely that many may experience a heightened awareness in the days ahead, a possible increase in our psychic abilities, as well as an easier time with manifestation.

In our society skulls are often associated with death, yet many ancient cultures viewed a skull as a means of honoring life. The human skull was viewed as a symbol of great awareness, and often epitomized divinity. It was honored and revered as the place when the soul resided, and viewed as the essence of humanity.Tumbled, polished Emeralds


In the next few weeks, meditation may be helpful, presenting many timely opportunities to connect with our power, heart, divinity, and spirituality. Understand that it is possible, and helpful, to love ourselves, even if we are not perfect. Avoid the tendency this week to overthink, over-stress, and overanalyze. What we ‘feel’ will likely be more important than what we ‘think.’ Watch for opportunities centered around daring to love and accept ourselves, despite what we perceive to be our inexperience and shortcomings.

I am now offering virtual and telephone Stone Readings, and am beginning to schedule safe, socially distanced psychic Stone Readings parties and consultations for small groups. For further information, please text, message, or call me at 978-290-8822, or email me at

Please continue to support your favorite magical, mineral, and metaphysical shop, as well as your artist, crafter, and small business friends – your patronage will mean a lot to them during these challenging times! A special shout out and thank you Sue Ustas of ZuZu’s Healing Arts, Inc   in Melrose, Massachusetts for her support, as well as her photos of rough and polished Emeralds, currently available for purchase.
Please contact Sue directly for more information, and remember to like her pages to be kept current of special events including live crystal shows!

Thanks for reading! Much love to all!
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Stones, Pendulums and Spiritual Dowsing

Spiritual Dowsing with Stones, Crystals, and Pendulums 

I am pleased to announce an exciting new project in collaboration with Dr. Miriam Divinsky, a Nationally and Internationally licensed Spiritual Coach! Dr. Divinsky and I are pleased to offer classes, lectures, and workshops utilizing very specific stones and crystals for Spiritual Dowsing and Pendulums.

Stones and crystals have been a major part of my life for decades. They have been invaluable to me as a psychic tool for working in the metaphysical field, and for dong Psychic Stone Readings.

I have noticed great similarities and parallels between “Human Nature” and “Mother Nature.” In my work with stones and crystals, I have found many correlations between “people energy” and “stone energy,” and uncanny similarities that exist between the life or lifeforce of the stones, and the life or lifeforce of the person drawn to that particular stone.

Stones are dense, and their energy or metabolism is slow compared to the energy or metabolism of humans, We might consider the average physical lifespan of a stone or a crystal to be several thousands of years, compared to a average physical lifespan of decades for the human body that houses a human spirit.

Stones and crystals provide me with great clues and insights into an individual’s past, present, and future situation. I view stones and crystals in much the same way that I see people, and often point out that we are made of the same minerals.

In my work in the Psychic field I became familiar with the energy, history, personality, and characteristics of stones and crystals, and through my deeper understanding of stones and crystals, I developed a greater appreciation for humans.

I have observed that people are drawn to stones that have a vibration or energy closely aligned with their own personal vibration or energy. On closer examination, the vibration of any given stone or crystal appears to have incredible similarities to the vibration of the person or persons who are drawn to the particular stone.

It has been my experience that people who are going through similar and specific processes will be drawn to a certain type of stone. For example, people who are drawn to a stone known as Blue Lace Agate tend to be healing from a recent loss, often the death of someone who was once dear to them. Other people, perhaps drawn to the Red Garnet, often have in common a background of having weathered their share of emotional, love-related storms, are learning to be alone and not be lonely, are considering once again allowing love into their lives. Those who are immediately drawn to a pink Rhodochrosite are ‘survivors,’ perhaps victimized by unfair and often abusive treatment, yet have successfully picked up the pieces, regrouped, reinvented themselves, and have come back with greater strength and determination than before.

Dr. Miriam Divinsky, the founder of Authentic Life Center, is a  Certified Spiritual Dowser, and a Nationally and Internationally Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. She has been called, “the lady with transformative dowsing skills,” and through Spiritual Response Therapy, uses her powers of intuition and spiritual connectedness to shift your reality!

Beginning with the premise that New Age tools, including stones, pendulums, and dowsing, could be invaluable in unlocking age-old blockages, our work has expanded to combine my knowledge of “Mother Nature” with her knowledge of “Human Nature.” We have merged our work with stones with her experiencial knowledge of Pendulums and Spiritual Dowsing. Through a lesser known tool of vibrational coding, we have begun to see quick results as one’s potential on physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, unconscious, and universal planes is unlocked and unleashed!

We are confident that members of the dowsing community will be inspired with our research, discoveries, and new information! We are available for classes and workshops utilizing this exciting technology! I invite you to visit her website at for more information.

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Malachite, a beautiful green banded stone that archaeological evidence indicates may have been mined as early as the 10th century BC. In ancient Egypt, Malachite was used to create jewelry or was ground into a powder for use as eye shadow. Throughout history, Malachite has been used as a mineral pigment in green paints, a veneer for tabletops, and in the making of fireplaces, tea sets, jewelry, and even caskets. Today, the mineral Malachite is mined primarily for its copper content, and in addition to a gem used in jewelry, is used in electronic equipment, appliances, ammunition, and coins.

Malachite was considered a calming, balancing, and healing stone that protected travelers and children, even breaking to warn of impending danger. In Russian lore people believed that anyone who drank from a goblet made of Malachite would be blessed with the power to understand the language of animals. In ancient Greece, Malachite was associated with Venus, Goddess of love. Many people consider Malachite a good stone to work with for manifesting and attracting prosperity and abundance.

In a Stone Reading, Malachite often indicates a major metamorphosis or transformation. Those who are drawn to Malachite tend to be private, willing to share once they are comfortable with a person, but until then, secretive and self-protective.

There are times when Malachite indicates the need for using humor to transmute the energies. Malachite People are creative and love to surprise others, although it is difficult for others to surprise those drawn to Malachite. Those drawn to Malachite are resourceful, and able to process clues that many of us miss, leading them to finding solutions others overlook.

If you were to select Malachite during a Stone Reading, it might have a completely different message or interpretation, as every stone and every person are unique. To find the specific stones and crystals that are aligned with you, please contact The Stone Lady, who is available by appointment for in-person, telephone, email, skype, and snail mail Stone Readings! Private parties are also available throughout New England. Please contact The Stone Lady for further information.

Stone Information

Desert Rose

desert rose

Desert Rose, a beautiful sandy-colored combination of sand and selenite, was formed by the forces of sand, wind, and pressure, and has grown in the shape of a rose or rosette, complete with petals. Look closely, though, and notice that this beautiful “rose” has no thorns, suggesting that those who are drawn to Desert Rose in a Stone Reading have already dealt with a majority of their “thorny” issues!

When Desert Rose is one of the first stones selected from my stone reading tray during a Stone Reading, it is an indication that the person is a champion of the underdog, feels obligated to right wrongs and correct injustices, and is usually more idealistic than realistic, Many people who are drawn to Desert Rose feel that they are on an important mission. The “Desert Rose People” are true humanitarians, and help others to break down walls that should not have been put up or erected to begin with. The “Desert Rose People” will often speak up for those who are unable, for whatever reason, to speak up for themselves.

Because every person and every Stone Reading is unique, this stone may have a different message if selected during your personal consultation. Stone Readings with The Stone Lady are available in person, as well as by telephone, skype, and email.

Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!